®Las VegARTS is a registered and protected brand name, the fruit of François Paolini’s extreme passion for images and the fantastic power of attraction of Las Vegas.

While the accumulation of its superlatives defies the imagination, its geographic improbability reinforces the idea that everything in Las Vegas has lost its link to reality. With this in mind, and far from the gambling-money-sex triptych of the famous Strip which he knows only too well after piercing it in his recent works, author François Paolini decided to focus on the mirage city through the prism of its art and architecture and to underline his approach and diffusion. After all, seeing is believing, even in this city where the quotidian is filled with the seemingly absurd. Photographer Paolini now turns his objective eye to excess in order to offer us a vision of ART-ertainment and ART-chitecture.

Over 13 stays in 5 consecutive years allowed him to create and publish 3 works to date: 

  • We All Live in Vegas (Stephens Press LLC publishing / Las Vegas, October 2005)
  • Las VegARTS landscapes (La maison d’été publishing / Paris, April 2007)
  • Las VegARTS portfolio (Victor Stanne publishing / Nantes, May 2007)

and the implementation of a unique exhibition concept: Las VegARTS 65. This project, backed by the DELTA ISIS 3D multimedia sculpture, focuses exclusively on the identity of a city that Americans simply call “Vegas”. These will be followed by Las VegARTS design, Las VegARTS entertainment, Las VegARTS people.