The Las VegARTS 65 exhibition concept prism

A vision of IDENTITY:

  • A nominal visual: V-E-G-A-S. The familiar name rings out with force!

  • Like the multi-faceted and exponential city, every visual of each of the 5 letters of the name VEGAS is shown in 5 different versions. This allows for 3,125 possible combinations (5x5x5x5x5), each representing the entire name. Apart from the possibility of varying the 5 combinations of 25 visuals in time and space to spell out the name Vegas 5 times, the addition of a sixth version raises the odds to 7,776 possible combinations (6x6x6x6x6). This demonstrates the propensity to move towards infinity via the addition of new visuals.

An ARTISTIC signature:

  • Via a calligraphic identity: the usage has lost its sense, giving priority to form. Freed of their commercial purpose, the 5 letters of the name VEGAS appear in their original calligraphy, in which the names take on their original intent of purely artistic writing.

  • Via a photographic signature that offers different perspectives, but not repetition, to reveal the signs of recognition of the place that is Las Vegas, integrated in the nominal entity of VEGAS. 

An ANALYTIC signature: 

  • Via the principle of holography: each visual representing each of the 5 letters of the name VEGAS contains the Las VegARTS acronym and thus the identity of the place and nature of the approach.